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Other Forms

Management of notes for Important Events (Civil Defense, Ministry of the Interior):

This application was developed and created for the G8 summit in L’Aquila (2009) and Canada (2010) and enables brief communication between Delegates and their Sherpa, by simply using digital paper and pen.


Over the Counter forms (Valtur, Hotel Planibel, Tiblu Village Club, Mythos Hotel, Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Justice):

For the hotel sector the applications speeded-up the checking-in process of guests by simply completing a dedicated form. The data – after having been checked by receptionists –is sent to the database and/or Police Station for the law-prescribed checks.

At the same time, institutional bodies have benefited from the advantages of an Access Management application  created in 2005-6. It allows the rapid registration of visitor data by simply filling-in a dedicated form. The data – after validation by the same operator - is sent to a database.



Council worker management (Municipality of Milan):

This application enables the laser printing of forms to verify change/request of address (Print On Demand and Sole Pattern). The council worker then goes to the allocation and fills-in these forms with the digital pen. Once back in the office, all recorded data is uploaded onto the Municipality database.


School Meal Management (Projects and Solutions, ASP Casavalloni):

School Meal management application. The forms manage both the registration of the pupil at the beginning of the school year, the daily menu and relevant presence/absence.


PICO – Private Ophthalmological Surgery Management:

The Desktop application “PICO” is an eye-care record which enables oculists to keep track on all the visits to their patients by simply using digital pen to complete the dedicated “Initial Medical History” and “Control Visit” forms.


DIGITEETH – Private Dentist’s Surgery Management

Similar to PICO, but for dentists and dental technicians.


Radio Taxi Vouchers (BCR) (Coop Samarcanda):

Taxi Vouchers (similar to Meal Vouchers) are for large companies and are printed on patterned paper granting the radio taxi cooperative associations the possibility of managing fees and invoices promptly and accurately.