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From Sistematica to Digiwrite

Right from the foundation of Anoto and the development of the relative technology,  Sistematica SpA foresaw the great potentialities of a new world for paper and pen, and a new way of populating database, management software and computer supports in general. With a pioneer optic, Sistematica started to develop applications and to refine its manuscript recognition system at an experimental level. Very soon it launched itself onto the market, with important  collaborations with communication players of international status.

So  Sistematica decided to give life to a spin-off entirely dedicated to the development and commercialization of  b2b applications based upon the Anoto Funcionality: Digiwrite Srl.

Digiwrite,  aware of its possibilities and knowing full well that the world is not ready to abandon the tools with 4.000 years of user experience just yet such as paper and pen, directed its efforts towards understanding market demands and, spurred on by the annual increase (still constant today) of the number of forms filled out in Italy as well as the rest of the world. It is one of the most interesting start-ups on the Italian IT market.