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Technical development never stands still and Digiwrite aims at consolidating its presence (in particular) in the public sector thanks to Biofirma: a sophisticated algorithm able to recognize the validity of an autographed signature and make it into a fantastic OTP, or to apply an eligible electronic signature to a document according to the latest regulations expressed in the Digital Administration Code. 

At the same time the development of our Visual Form platform proceeds with the aim of having an increasingly more flexible tool able to allow the creation of Time To Market applications, always briefer and cheaper, in view of a recognition of increasingly more efficacious manuscripts and close to 99.9%. By now the platform is able to manage the input sent by Digital Pen and those sent by tools such as Tablets and Smartphones, according to XForms standards.

Our Android router for sending data acquired by the Digital Pen by smartphone (together with the versions for Symbian and Java) enables the management and transmitting of GPS coordinates, images and documents, it automatically updates “over the air” and makes it possible to have detailed user logs: D.A.R.K. (Digiwrite Anoto Router Kit) is the state-of-the-art of transmitting and interpreting data in real time.

Digiwrite, together with the research laboratories of Sistematica Labs (Research Centre approved by MIUR and promoted by Sistematica SpA), continuously increases its patrimony of know-how.