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Anoto Platinum Partner

In October 2011, Digiwrite was awarded the most important acknowledgement of the Anoto partners: the status of Anoto Platinum Partner.

Digiwrite is one of the 13 Anoto Platinum Partners in the world and the only one in Italy. The necessary criteria to become part of this elite circle are those very qualities our customers are interested in: the capacity of creating reliable applications and worthy of being included by Anoto in the short-list of best practices at a global level and the quantity of active pens.

The highest recognition attributed by Anoto is a reason to be proud for us and to trust in our capabilities, and fully represents the quality of Digiwrite as an integrator system: the reliability and flexibility that makes it stand out from other companies operating in this sector in Italy. 

Furthermore, Digiwrite is part of the Anoto Advisory Board. In 2010, it was representative of all the Gold Partners on a global scale and with the passage to the status of Platinum Partner obtained a permanent seat on the Board.