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Exams, Forms and Surveys

Exam management (Guardia di Finanza (Revenue Guard Corps), Municipality of Narni, Assindustria Firenze (Industrial Association Florence), AMA Roma, Gutemberg):

We have grouped together a series of applications in this field that enable the automation of multiple-choice exams and elections. As far as exams and competitive examinations are concerned, by presetting questions and exact answers, it provides exam results in the moment the digital pen is inserted into the inkpot of the committee chairman.


Form management (AIR DOLOMITI, Italian Post office):

The applications in question manage satisfaction or assessment questionnaires, or represent true and proper multiple-choice tests as in the case of ECM questionnaires for the 2009 medical conference.


Opinion polls (SMAU, UNESCO, Nokia, TIM, Ministry of Artistic and Cultural Heritage):

This application allows the realization of opinion polls, recording data progressively as the agents carry out interviews, and in some cases updating publically displayed graphics in real time.