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D.A.R.K. - Digital Anoto Router Kit is the product developed by Digiwrite to send data acquired from the Digital Pen to the remote server or to the company CED for ASP applications, using an Android smartphone of any price range.

D.A.R.K. is a sophisticated router/uploader, compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones, able to guarantee the user advanced operations such as:

- Linking GPS coordinates acquired at the moment of sending to the transaction;

- Automatic or manual linking of photographs taken during completion of the form;

- Manual linking of images or documents in the smartphone memory;

- Capturing, interpretation and linking to the barcode and QRcode transaction;

- Pre-assessment of important data acquired by the pen directly on the screen of the device;

- Simplified installation by transmission of the .apk file;

- Advanced reporting of sent transactions and logs of eventual errors;

- Sub-division of the data-packet originally in subset of sharper granularity with asynchronous modality transfer. For transactions containing pictures and documents (to manage any problem with the mobile phone network with large files);

- Possibility of completely personalizing the product if necessary. 

In the same way, Digiwrite supports other mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry and other Java based operative systems by third party products.

N.B: not all operations are available for all terminals. Contact Digiwrite for the list of tested terminals or to send your personal terminal to be tested.