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Print on Demand

With Print on Demand complex forms can be printed.

With this new procedure, that uses sole pattern, the application receives variable data from a customer’s source and  inserts it into the prearranged grid, afterwards it is matched univocally to a pattern (therefore different from the rest) and arranges it all into one print – autonomously created by the user with color laser printer (min 600 dpi + Postscript).

In the moment an operator uses the digital pen ticking the necessary windows and downloading it afterwards, the recognition of the sole pattern used automatically and without possibility of error leads to the identification of the variable data given by the Customer and the correct visualization of the form compiled by the dedicated Form Processing. Therefore it is no longer necessary to read a barcode in order to identify the form or digitally preprint a certain number of sole pattern forms. In this way the Customer is completely autonomous from this point of view.