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Digiwrite Partner Program

The Digiwrite Partner Program was created by Digiwrite with the aim of:

- spreading Anoto Technology on the Italian market;

- developing commercial and technical relations to boost consolidation of the Italian market;

- joint use of Anoto Technology promotion such as fairs, congresses...

By joining the Digiwrite Partner Program the Partner gains immediate access to commercial advantages and specific resources:

- if the Partner is specialized in certain vertical applications, Digiwrite will entrust the Partner with orders received from Digiwrite in the course of its commercial activity

- operational demo kits (to choose from the demo applications already created by Digiwrite) consisting of paper forms, a  pen and private access to WEB pages for the demonstration of their functionality.

To join the Digiwrite Partner Program, means for the company wishing to enter the world of Anoto rapidly, an enormous saving of Time to market, a constant support for the development of its own applications, and the possibility of taking advantage of a consolidated know-how from years of experience in planning and implementation of the most varied solutions using Anoto technology.

New Partners are introduced into the DWPP as a Business Partner, and are companies that intend to market applications based upon ANOTO Pen & Paper technology. These applications can be:

- “in the box” solutions produced and marketed by Digiwrite, or by Partners

- “ad hoc” solutions, developed especially by Digiwrite, or by its Solution Partners for specific customer requirements.

After having finalized the first negotiation side by side with Digiwrite in the role of Business Partner, the Partner can also propose itself for the acquisition of skills and development tools to produce complete solutions based upon Anoto Pen & Paper technology and become a Solution Partner. Digiwrite places its own development platform RAD (Rapid Access Development) Visual Form at disposal, granting the possibility of developing complete Pen & Paper solutions, thanks to a graphic development and a powerful ICR engine (Intelligent Character Recognition) totally integrated in the development sector.