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Forms Portfolio

Hereunder are some examples of forms in use or used in the past by our customers (if the form consists of more than one page, only one page of the form is presented):


Contracts (ING Direct):



Order Management (Bausch & Lomb):




Order Management (Magneti Marelli):




Financing (Telematica Italia):




Emergency Management (ASL 10 di Firenze):




 Reporting (Postal Services - Smmartpost):













Fines (COTRAL):



Fines (Polizia Municipale di Parma):






















Maintenance (Hospital Consulting):



Sanctions (SIAE):



Reporting (Protezione Civile Italiana, Selex Sistemi Integrati):



Reporting (Novartis):



Reporting (Sicurezza e Ambiente):



Surveys (SMAU):



Exams (Poste Italiane):



Digiteeth (Dental Surgery standalone app):