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Sanctions and Fines

Sanctions and Fines (SIAE, State Forest Rangers), COTRAL Roma, ATC Terni, Adriabus, SIS, APM Perugia, MOB Siena; Local Police Municipalities of: Messina, Viterbo, Parma, Cernusco S/N, Positano, Caorle, Como, Mirano, Montelupo Fiorentino, Argenta, Lastra a Signa, Arzachena,  Castelnuovo, Faenza, The Camposanpierese Municipality Union (9 Municipalities),  “5 Castelli” Consortium, Merate, Bussolengo, Spinea, San Donato Milanese; Meda, Casatenovo, Mercato San Severino, Lugano, Mendrisio-Svizzera):

The need for quicker notification and the high management costs of data-entry have over time provided a notable boost to our commercial activities in the sector of sanctions.

The facilitation of the tool, high satisfaction among operators, no necessary training , the integrative potentiality of the Digital Pen in the "cycle of fines" managed by third parties are the strong points of Digiwrite’s success in this sector.

In this field there is also space for special applications: for SIAE the system manages inspections (Mod. 93 and 93 bis) the same for AAMS. Another special case is the management of the Food Processing Report (FASA project) and relative controls for the Corps of Forest Rangers. These customers and special applications are proof of the reliability of our technology in a specific field.