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In this page we will try to explain our modus operandi and work flow according to Customer specifications.


- The customer supplies the actual form or the contents to insert in the form to be created

- Digiwrite’s internal graphic office then elaborates a draft of the form appropriate to the Anoto Functionality, designed according to well-defined criteria:

* Continuity with the layout given by the customer or compliance to specific indications for the layout of the fields

* Compliance to cognitive standards able to facilitate operator use

* High aesthetic standard

* Compliance to "Anoto" standards

- Once the draft is prepared it is given to the Customer that then:

* Approves the draft and sends a signed and stamped copy for acceptance to Digiwrite

* Refuses the draft giving Digiwrite the necessary elements for the modification until acceptance

- After acceptance of the draft, the Digiwrite team carries out a poll at the certified printers to verify the best price for the preparation, the number of copies requested by the Customer and commences printing.

If the Customer wishes to contact the printers autonomously (or to certify the Anoto print at their usual printers) Digiwrite will supply all the files ready for printing.

- Contextually to printing, Digiwrite’s development team creates the application and it also develops, in agreement with the Customer, the filters present in Module Checker and any eventual compilation regulations.

The Customer, if considered as necessary, can supply dictionaries to render the validation phase easier for the operator: Module Checker can be personalized according to specific Customer requirements.

- Once the development is completed, a part of the team carries out all the necessary internal tests, while the other developers supply data to the Customer according to the established modalities or to those in charge of the management software used by the customer.

Normally, data is gathered by a pair of files (jpg/png/pdf file as for the image, csv/txt file for validated data) and placed at the Customer’s disposal as a web-service or on a FTP file.

Upon Customer request, Digiwrite can carry out data integration in first person with the management application they will be sent, directly contacting the producer.

- Once internal trials have been successfully carried out, the application and paper are given to the Customer that carries out internal assessment tests and deploys the application to its operators. If a mobile device is used to send the data in real time, Digiwrite shall send the router installation procedure to the terminal by sms or email.

From approval to application delivery it takes a maximum of 15 working days (except for peak times for special work).