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Reference markets

Digiwrite is able to personalize any type of form to render the passage from paper to digital paper as painless as possible, wherever there is a paper form to be filled-in and the necessity of transferring the writing into a digital format Digiwrite has been present, especially in the following sectors:

  • ° Public and private health and central public administration: survey forms for the Italian Civil Defense, intervention tables of 118 (telephone number of the Italian ambulance service) for emergencies, home care, Chronic Care Model applications, digital clinical records, operating theatre and emergency ward checklists... These are only a few of the multiple applications created in these sectors wherever the capacity of facing criticalities and the simplicity of use are essential factors.

  • Private enterprises operating in all contract application sectors, with the possibility of linking  images to the document signed by the other party.

  • Private enterprises operating in all sectors of maintenance charts and reports, with the possibility of linking with the forms filled in with GPS coordinates concerning the point where it was sent from and photographs taken during operations.

  • Enterprises operating in the sector of opinion polls and form management.

  • Front office forms: creation of attendance and visitor forms for companies and Ministries of the Italian Republic, automation of data registration for large hotel chains, forms for employment offices...

  • Public competitions.

  • ...our applications have only one limit, fantasy!