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For the System Integrator

Many software-houses (and not only) considered it useful to integrate the Anoto Functionality into their processes.

In these cases the digital pen is mainly configured as a plug-in for data-entry, and is thus proposed at a commercial level.

The competitive advantage of such a simple and intuitive tool in respect to the other competition proposals can lead to success in business deals that otherwise would be quite difficult.

Many steps in plug-in development are similar to those described in the "For the Customer" page, but obviously, in these cases it is necessary to refer to Digiwrite as Partner.

The agreements will allow the System Integrator to present Digiwrite solutions as its "own" technology and they will be such to render the unavoidable personalization economically sustainable and, above-all, characterized by clear costs that will be charged to the End Customer.

The System Integrator can also, if desired, enter in possession of Visual Form (the development platform created by Digiwrite) and render itself autonomous in developing applications or in the personalization of the same.

Digiwrite will supply support and give assistance as far as its responsibility is concerned and will guarantee maintenance and evolution of applications according to partner requirements.

We invite all those interested to visit the Partner section of this site and contact us for any further information.